Q: Do you have insurance?
A: Scie mon arbre enr. has a comprehensive liability insurance for properties and people.

Q: Do you have a number RBQ?
A: No, since the field of Arboriculture and Pruning is not governed by the RBQ. However, we have our own insurances and we can provide references upon request.

Q: Do I need a permit to cut trees on my property?
A: Usually, yes. Check with your city to make sure. It is often just a formality.

Q: Can we cut down trees along water points?
A: Some cases allow you to do so, in cases of diseases or hazards. Verify the regulations regarding water zones in your area.

Q: What territory do you serve?
A: We travel throughout the Laurentians and some suburbs from Laval to Mont-Laurier and Joliette to Lachute.

Q: Will your work damage my property?
A: No. Our equipment is designed to avoid dragging the trunks and branches on your lawn and our team takes great care to clean up afterwards.

Q: Can you cut the branches that interfere with electrical wires?
A: Yes, if the wires are "yours". For shared networks, you must contact Hydro-Quebec. It is best to ask them about the procedures before doing the job.